Bawdy Britain : A Musical History

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“Comedy songs are his strength” Chortle Website

A Cornucopia Of Hilarious Songs Encompassing The History & Culture Of Blighty !

Welcome to this extraordinary musical extravaganza celebrating the greatest country on Earth; the United Kingdom. But all sarcasm aside it’s really not that bad here. It’s not great we admit. Some people would even describe it as borderline rubbish. But if you stay drunk enough throughout your entire period here it could be bearable. People have enjoyed themselves here. It can be done. We know of a guy back in the Nineteen Fifties who was said to have had quite a nice afternoon once in a bed and breakfast in Skegness which proves that there is hope for us. Not much, we’ll give you that and to be honest maybe it’s just easier not to have any expectations of any positive experiences whatsoever during your time here but if you have a thick skin and can take massive amounts of disappointment then this could be the holiday destination for you.

Anyways back to the musical. We will take you with our songs on a journey through the varied and exciting history and culture of these Sceptred Isles. From the Stone Age (or the 1970s if you were in Dundee) right up until the present day. There will be rude situations and double entendres but absolutely no racism, unfortunately. We tried to fit some in but couldn’t find space.